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2024 enrolment form

Please fill in all sections of this form and submit online.  Your enrolment will be complete once payment has been made either online or at the studio.  Enrolment for 2024 is $40

I herby give my consent for any photo/video material taken in various classes/competitions/concerts etc. to be used by Reflections Academy of Dance for any media advertising be that either on the website, face book, newspaper, posters, advertising campaigns and other online media and any other promotional material for the lifetime of the business
Fees are payable by the term or if attending more than 5 classes per week on a four week cycle the payment dates are indicated on the yearly calendar. Withdrawing from class will take effect from the following term. If you are enrolled in a class and drop mid-term you will still be paying in full for term one, but no payment will be taken in term two. Please e-mail
Any fees paid later than one week after the due date will incur a $15 late fee per week, to cover administration costs, unless you have made alternative written arrangements with Melissa
Failure to pay for fees and continued late payments for private lessons with constant attempts to contact you may result in refusal of your child participating in class.
Private lesson fees are invoiced by the term but can be paid weekly. No refunds will be given for any missed lessons due to
At Reflections we welcome questions and concerns and promote an open line of communication. Please do not hesitate to ask questions they are important to us. Communication is done via the following chanel so we have a record of all communication. e-mail: phone:0415 787 726 If we are not available please leave a message and we will respond asap.
I request a copy of the enrolment handbook with all the policies and prodecures for enrolment and understand once a printed copy of this form is signed by myself and completed I agree to all terms and conditions enclosed inside the handbook.

All students attending Reflections:

Are required to wear the class uniform as described in the reception area and on the website. This can be purchased once your child has settled into class. It is not required for trials. All students must also attend class clean and washed, and pubescent and post-pubescent students are required to wear an antiperspirant deodorant.
Are required to behave according; which means listening to teachers instructions, being respectful to their peers and not being a distraction in class. Bullying is not acceptable and should be made aware to Melissa ASAP.
Students should attend lessons warm and ready to start class, students may arrive 15 minutes early and use a studio if they are free. Good timekeeping is extremely appreciated and ensures the classes run smoothly and on-time.
Students should arrive to class at least 5 minutes early; being late to lessons is distracting for the teacher and other students. Parents must be ready to collect children 5 minutes earlier than the class completion time, as our duty of care does not extend past the end of class time.
The teacher should not be disrupted during class time for questions or discussion, please call or e-mail with any queries you may have. If you need to make a payment and the desk is unattended please knock on the studio door and we will help you out.
Students and parent’s must be responsible for their own belongings. We have a lost property box located in the studio for any misplaced items. This box gets donated to charity or disposed of at the end of every month. All student’s personal items should be clearly labelled with their name.
A good attendance rate to class is imperative, children cannot learn if they are inconsistent. Anyone missing more than 3 classes per term may not be permitted to be involved with things like exams, competitions and the end of year concert
Dancing is a team endeavour and all students are required to honor that. It is the teachers right to in force whether a student is ready to participate after multiple absences. You will not be reimbursed for any loss incurred by yourselves.
If your child is absent for any reason please be courteous and inform Melissa by a quick text or e-mail. Dancing is a team sport and it is extremely helpful for teachers to know when students will be missing.
Please try to remember courtesy when texting, messaging or sending a what’s app when it comes to timekeeping. After a full day of admin and an evening of teaching it is really appreciated that late night contact waits until the next following business day.
All students enrolled at Reflections get to participate in our end of year concert. All information regarding the concert is described in the “Enrolment Handbook”.
Two rehearsals close to this date are required to ensure students are confident going on stage and it is important these are attended. Rehearsals charges are specified in the handbook, this helps to cover theatre costs, staff wages and theatre technicians.
The concert is held at a theatre and although we fundraise for props items etc, this will not cover the cost of the concert. Whoever comes to watch will be required to purchase a ticket, please see the handbook for details
It is not imperative that all students participate in exams and competitions but it is assumed unless indicated otherwise in writing that every student enrolled will participate in our end of year showcase. Deposits for costumes are payable in Term 1 and Term 2 and are non-refundable.
Waiver – I am aware that participating in dance, gymnastic activities and acrobatic dance involves inherent risk and hazards. I freely accept on behalf of the child enrolled and fully assume all such risks, dangers, and hazards and the possibility of personal injury, property damage, or loss resulting from such risks and hazards
I voluntarily agree to release Reflections Academy of Dance, its employees/volunteers/contractors and Melissa Riseberry from any and all liability for any loss, damage, injury or expense that I or my next of kin, successors or dependents may suffer or incur as a result of participation with any event due to any cause whatsoever.
I authorise Reflections Academy of Dance/Melissa Riseberry on behalf of my child enrolled to seek medical services on my behalf, in case of serious injury or illness, if I am unable to do so. I further agree to accept financial responsibility in excess of the benefits allowed by my healthy plan.
Reflections makes it their priority to provide good customer service, any grievances should not be discussed in the waiting room or around the studio, please have the courtesy to contact Melissa personally with any concerns.
Anyone causing animosity in and around the studio may be asked to leave; we do not promote this kind of environment. You will forfeit any fees or costume deposits paid should you break this code of conduct.
Reflections endeavours to keep classes running as advertised and enrolled for. In the event of a government mandatory shutdown all classes will be moved to online via zoom and you will need to have this installed. Details are in the Enrolment Handbook. No fees will be refunded if this occurs.
Health & Safety is a priority at Reflections and goverment guidelines regarding stay at home orders for Health and Sickness must be met.

Thanks for submitting your 2024 Enrolment!

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